Are credit card fees deductible when making a donation to a nonprofit?

Understanding Charitable Contributions Guidelines

When it comes to deducting charitable gifts to nonprofit organizations, individuals can rest assured that they can deduct the donation processing fees as well, as long as they haven’t received any goods or services in return. This means that 100% of the amount they give, including the donation processing fees, is eligible for tax deduction. Individuals can report the total amount of their gift, including the fees, on their tax return. Additionally, they will find this combined amount (gift + fees) documented on their gift acknowledgements, receipts, and giving statements.

However, there are situations where the tax deductibility may vary. For instance, if an individual is registering for a retreat and their fee includes the cost of a $10 book and lodging, the book and lodging represent a tangible return on their gift. In such cases, the cost of these items, along with the associated donation processing fees, are not tax deductible.

It is important for givers to familiarize themselves with these guidelines concerning charitable contributions to ensure proper compliance.

Do Givers Have to Pay Donation Processing Fees?

When making donations to a charitable organization, it is important to note that the donation processing fees are not the responsibility of the giver. However, many online giving platforms now offer the option for givers to voluntarily cover the donation processing fee if they choose to do so. Typically, the giving form will include a checkbox with the statement, “Yes, I will pay the donation processing fee.” The exact amount of the fee and the total donation should be clearly displayed.

This is not meant to be financial advice. Always consult your tax professional or accountant to be sure your donations meet state and federal guidelines when declaring them as deductions on your tax return.



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