Businesses Play an Important Role in

Our Success


Why should you help? Firstly, it demonstrates corporate social responsibility, showcasing a commitment to societal well-being beyond profit-making. This fosters a positive public image, enhancing brand reputation and consumer trust. Secondly, such support enables the Dare Greatly Foundation to fulfill our mission effectively and expand our reach to impact the lives of students by providing financial support through our scholarship program. 

By leveraging your resources, expertise, and networks, businesses can significantly amplify the impact of the Dare Greatly Foundation, driving positive change and contributing to a better, more inclusive community where education becomes accessible for everyone. Additionally, collaborating with the Dare Greatly Foundation provides businesses with opportunities for employee engagement and community giveback, boosting team morale and camaraderie. 

Overall, these relationships help create a more sustainable and compassionate society. We look forward to partnering with you!

Join the growing list of organizations that support our work in some way.

As a business, how can you help support the Dare Greatly Foundation?

You can support the Dare Greatly Foundation in various ways, including:

Financial Donations
Providing monetary support through grants, donations, or sponsorships to help fund our scholarship initiatives.

In-kind Contributions:
Donating goods, services, or expertise,  office space, equipment, software, or professional services.

Employee Volunteer Programs:
Encouraging employees to volunteer their time and skills during work hours or through paid volunteer days.

Skill-based Volunteering:
Matching employees’ skills and expertise with our specific needs, such as offering legal advice, marketing strategies, or technological support.

Cause Marketing Campaigns:
Collaborating with the Dare Greatly Foundation for marketing initiatives where a portion of sales or profits is donated to the Dare Greatly Foundation, creating a win-win for both parties.

Employee Giving Programs:
Implementing programs that allow employees to donate a portion of their salary to the Dare Greatly Foundation through payroll deductions, often with matching contributions from the employer.

Sponsorship of Events and Programs:
Sponsoring Dare Greatly Foundation events, fundraisers, or community programs to increase visibility, support our initiatives, and engage with the community.

Education and Awareness Campaigns:
Promote education opportunities and raise awareness about the community impact championed by the Dare Greatly Foundation

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