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Honoring Our Heroes: Veterans Day and Its Significance

Discover the history and significance of Veterans Day, a day dedicated to honoring the selfless sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. From its origins in World War I to its role in fostering national unity, learn why #VeteransDay matters. Explore the various ways to observe this day and make a positive impact. Join us in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to all American veterans.

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Why GivingTuesday is Important

Discover the Power of Giving Tuesday – Join the Global Movement on this Special Day! Learn how you can make a meaningful impact by supporting causes you care about. Find out more in our blog post!

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The Dare Greatly Foundation honors the legacy of SSgt. Tanner Romanos. We recognize and support young people who have good character, strong moral values, and a passion for civic duty, volunteering, helping others, and more.

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